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NYSCSH Webinars

Supporting Healthy Teen Relationships

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This self-paced webinar will explore healthy and unhealthy relationships, what they are, and how to recognize the differences. It will define the role of school staff, including teachers and nurses, in helping to support healthy relationships among students in a school setting. Resources and best practices will be shared. Screens that contain Learn More Icons indicate resources that can be found on the NYSCSH website. This webinar only contains audio in the video segments. 

A certificate will be awarded upon successful completion that may be used to satisfy Professional Development requirements.

To enroll in or review a course, click on the "Enroll" or the "Enroll | review" button in the upper right of the course summary page.

(Estimate 30 minutes)

The modules for this course are shown below and will be available after enrollment, click the “enroll” button to enroll:

1. Knowledge Check

2. Content

3. Knowledge Check

4. Resources

5. Feedback


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

Supporting Healthy Teen Relationships CTLE PD Certificate
Supporting Healthy Teen Relationships 30
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