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NYSCSH Webinars

Creating LGBT Inclusive Schools

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What are the experiences of LGBT students in your school? Do you feel prepared to offer support to students and their families?

This webinar will provide you with the knowledge and resources needed to support LGBT youth in your school. Together, we can help create safe, inclusive, environments that support the health and learning of all students. One hour of PD/CTLE credit is awarded upon successful completion. You must receive at least a 70% on the Post Knowledge Check to successfully complete the webinar and receive a certificate.

 (October 2018, 35 minutes)

The modules for this course are shown below and will be available after enrollment, click the yellow “enroll” button to enroll:

1. Resources for the Webinar

Click here to access the webinar resources.

2. Prior Knowledge Check

Click here to take the Prior Knowledge Check

3. Webinar

Click here to take the Webinar

4. Post Knowledge Check

Click here to take the Post Knowledge Check.

5. Webinar Satisfaction Survey

Click here to take the Webinar Satisfaction Survey.

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