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Trends in STIs & HIV in NYS Youth

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The rate of sexually transmitted infections has continued to increase with 30,000 NYS teens diagnosed with chlamydia each year. This course will provide an overview of the current prevalence of HIV/STIs in NYS school-age youth, barriers to care, prevention and education strategies for both HIV infection and STIs (chlamydia, gonorrhea, and primary and secondary syphilis). The results of 2017 NYS YRBS data will be provided as well as evidence-based resources which can be shared with staff available on the NYSCSH, and external websites including the CDC, NYSDOH and NYSDOH AIDS Institute, and websites.

1 CTLE/Professional Learning Unit is provided upon successful completion.

(June 2019, 32 minutes)


The modules for this course are shown below and will be available after enrollment, click the yellow “enroll” button to enroll:

1. Resources for the Webinar

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3. Webinar

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