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Suicide Safety Prevention Awareness

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Youth suicide can be prevented. Understanding the signs of students at risk and knowing the school action plan allows school staff to provide critical support when needed.  This course offers an overview of Suicide Safety Prevention Awareness Training (SST), one of many school-based suicide prevention offerings of the Suicide Prevention Center of New York (SPCNY) funded through the New York State Office Mental Health. Bonus materials include a discussion with Pat Breux, BSN​, Director of Youth and School Initiatives​, Suicide Prevention Center of NY.


A certificate will be awarded upon successful completion that may be used to satisfy Professional Development requirements. 
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(Estimate 40 minutes)

The modules for this course are shown below and will be available after enrollment, click the “enroll” button to enroll:

1. Prior Knowledge Check

2. Content

3. Post Knowledge Check

4. Resources

5. Feedback

6. Bonus Video


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

Suicide Safety Prevention Awareness 40
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